Sunday 10 April 2011

First Serve

As my tennis obsession becomes deeper and deeper, I've discovered that I tend to totally forget anything that's older than the last couple of days' matches. For instance, I can't recall anything from the previous Wimbledon, other than that Isner-Mahut quickie (which IS tough to forget, I think). When I tried to check if I ever watched anything else, I found a post I wrote somewhere, in which I'm telling people to tune in to a Federer match. This must have been his 1st round match against Falla, but if I haven't written about it, I probably would've thought I'd never seen any of it.

So, to get to the point - I have to write it all down, if I want to remember a year from now what I thought about 2011's hard court season (it can be summed up as: Djokovic rules), or any other tennis I'm going to watch.

Also, I'm starting to assemble quite a few photos from tournaments I go to, which will include two out of four Grand Slams this year - Roland Garros and the U.S. Open. That will be my first live slam(s) ever, so I'm pretty excited :) Anyway, I'm going to upload some of the photos here (having them on facebook really isn't the same), and hopefully, 10 years from now I can look back at it and reminiscence about the good times I had there :D

So, more will be coming, I hope!

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