Monday 20 June 2011

Super quick Wimbledon predictions

My list of predictions, this will be telegraphically short:
  • Del Potro won't get to meet Nadal in the 4th round.
  • If Petzschner is injury free, Soderling will go out tomorrow. I'm predicting a QF for Philipp (including a possible win over best friend Jurgen Melzer, who I'm hoping is also over his injuries).
  • Isner will beat Mahut easily...
  • ... and will go on to meet Federer in round 4.
  • Llodra will play against two Serbian players in a row - Troicki, then Djokovic.
  • Semis will be the exact replay of the Roland Garros.
  • Final: Federer def. Nadal.
Of course, I can easily see myself being wrong in all of the above. This is just for fun.


  1. Thank God you were wrong about Petzschner and Soderling. :)

  2. I really wasn't THAT far from the truth, though ;) Petzschner was a break up in both first sets, and he generally played better than Soderling, I think. But yeah, that prediction went all wrong.

    So now I have one wrong and one right (Isner). Can't wait to see what happens next :)

  3. Just hope you won't be right for the final.

    Anyway, I think (hope...) that Berdych will beat Nadal, Murray, make the final, where he will lose against Djokovic. Just like Soda did at Paris.