Sunday 31 July 2011

Day 4 - Least favourite men’s player

Roger Federer

*Ducks from downpour of rotten tomatoes*
Don't get me wrong here - he's an amazing tennis player. He's the GOAT. He has everything and more.
But he's the one player I'm most likely to root against, no matter who stands on the other side of the net. I tried to change it, I really did. Still, I couldn't root for him even when his win could bring Nole to the #1 ranking (Roland Garros 2011 final against Rafa).
Why? I'm not sure myself. Some combination of the seeming arrogance, annoying nonchalance, the oh-so-perfect... everything, to be honest. I just can't connect with his personality, I guess.

Still haunts me...
(Photos: Getty Images)

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