Friday 27 July 2012

Olympics or Slams - What's More Important For Tennis Players?

The importance of Olympics, compared to the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, is a question that's been widely discussed among tennis fans and media. I say, let the players speak for themselves.

"First off, the importance of tennis in the Olympic Games has grown drastically over the years now and I'm very happy it gets so much attention and all the players do actually show up and play because it is about the spirit and this is what we enjoy." - Roger Federer
"Growing up as tennis players we always dreamed of winning Grand Slams and doing well at tournaments like Wimbledon, but to have an opportunity to win a gold medal and be mentioned among the great athletes, it’s an honour. Of all the tournaments I’ve won, I’ve probably enjoyed my gold medal the most." - Serena Williams
''You can't put into words what winning a gold medal would mean. For me winning a gold medal is bigger than winning a grand slam. I can only dream of it. [...] It (the Olympics) is like a fifth grand slam and something I always wanted to do better at than grand slams.'' - Bernard Tomic
“I still believe that the grand slams are more important, because of all the history. The Olympics would probably be the fifth event. I think it depends where you come from. If you’re from somewhere like the US, China, Germany or France, you become a superhero. in Switerland, you’re a hero for a day and that’s it. You have a gold medal but it’s not like it has any consequences. Maybe I think differently because I’m from Switzerland.” - Martina Hingis
"Once you hear it, I think it's pretty even" - Sam Stosur
"The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of all sports, in my opinion." - Novak Djokovic
"To me this was bigger than a grand slam, it was more special. Standing on the podium and listening to your national anthem and getting the medal around your neck, seeing the other athletes there that supported. It’s a different feeling, it’s very unique and definitely more special." - Steffi Graf
“It is bigger than winning a Grand Slam because everybody knows what an Olympic gold is, whereas not everybody knows what a Grand Slam is." - Andy Murray
“You can say you’re a tennis player and that will resonate with some people, or you can say you’re an Olympian and that will resonate with every person." - Andy Roddick
You can find the draws for the Olympics on the official ITF website: Men, Women

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