Thursday 27 December 2018

The 2019 Tennis Calendar

Have you ever felt the need to integrate the tennis calendar with your own? Well, now you can! Just like in previous years, the importable ATP and WTA calendars for the 2019 season are finally here.

The calendar you see below has all the ATP and WTA tournaments for 2019.

If you're using Google Calendar, you can add these calendars (ATP and WTA separately, for those who only want one of them) to your schedule with a couple of clicks (in fact, if you've already added a previous version to your Google Calendar, the 2019 events are already there!).

If you're using a different calendar, you can import the calendars separately in iCal format for the ATP, and the same for WTA (iCal). Or, you can just use the calendar in this post, if you wish!



  1. I love the calendar thanks do much, it's very helpful.

    Once suggestion; it would be great to be able filter out tournament levels like 250 and 500.

    I pretty much only watch atp 1000 and grand slam.

    Thanks again,

  2. How? it says a couple of clicks but does not explain

  3. how do I add to my google calendar?

    1. It's not as easy but I only wanted to majors so I just clicked on them in this page and then clicked the link "copy to calendar" which opened up my google calendar

  4. Could you add Laver Cup? I know there are no points, but it's still awesome. Also, I agree that having an option of Masters 1000 and up would be great.

  5. When will 2020 calendar be available via this page please?

  6. Replies
    1. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do it yet, but TennisTV released an importable calendar for the ATP: