Friday 4 May 2012

My Tennis Memory Is So Bad

How weird is that I remember absolutely nothing from the 2010 US Open Djokovic-Federer semifinal? For a while now, I wasn't even sure whether I've seen the match at all. I was already a Novak fan back then - though not as dedicated as today, that's for sure. Still, I have absolutely no recollection at all of seeing that match. All I do remember from that tournament is watching the women's semifinals and final. However, today I stumbled upon the following 'conversation' that I had on an online (non-tennis related) forum:

Me: "What excellent tennis in the USO SF. 2-2 in sets between Djokovic and Federer. At this rate, there won't even be a Federer-Nadal final...  "

Person A: "Such a final [Fedal] won't be as fun as in previous times "

Me: "Well, I'm cheering for Djokovic in this tournament "

Person A: "I really hope Federer does something before he retires... He's so perfect "

Me: "5th set, 5-5. Crazy match "

Me: ""

Person B: "I wanna cry, Federer lost I really wanted a classic final..."

Person A: "To see Nadal eat him without salt again? No thanks... "

I had no idea that I had this conversation. Until today, I wasn't completely sure that I've seen the match. How is that even possible?


  1. Those matches were late at night/early in the morning... I remember watching the final till 4 AM and even later than that...

    1. Yeah, the times of my comments in this conversation are 00:42, 1:04, 1:36, 1:50 respectively. And as you might expect, I don't know whether I've seen the final or not...

      The truth is that I was still a casual fan then, so I didn't plan EVERYTHING around the tennis. That started a couple of months later...