Monday 28 May 2012

Tipsy Time returns!

Janko Tipsarevic's video blog during the Australian Open was a big success, with funny videos showing life on tour from behind the scenes. The world No. 8 player is reunited with a personal video camera during the Roland Garros, and there's no doubt that it will be fun to watch.

Watch this space for links to all the new videos as they come out on Eurosport!

Video #0 - Fasten Your Seat Belts (Preview)

Video #1 - I have the worst hair on Tour

Video #2 - New haircut for Janko

Video #3 (interview) - Lucky Tipsy having "fun"

Video #4 - Pedicure

Video #5 - Thief steals Janko's shoes

Video #6 - A day in Janko's life

Video #7 (day 8) - Nestor is scum!

Video #8 (day 10) -Janko back on decks at home

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